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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

When Spending Money Like Water Happens


It's the mid year already! Hello Hello! I'm not sure why am I so excited cause it actually means I'm growing older and older. Meh..



I know I'm growing according to the path that I chose and most of it are pretty awesome. :)

Except for massive shopping. :| I always have this thought that we are all lab mice. Everything we bought from beauty products to gadgets to bakery are so experimental. And I can't just decide this pen writes well or that foundation will last long until I really bought and used it for some time. Yes? No?

So this leads to trial and error which then leads to massive shopping. See? Not my fault at all to spend the money the way I do all the time. My dad would be very grateful cause he never hand me his credit card. Ever.

#1. DAISO and Sephora - Well from this picture it seems like I had a great buy. But........... But............. Not really. Like I said, it's like trial and error when I go shopping.

My great buys:-

My bad buys:-

I haven't use 3 and 8 but I guess it's a good buy...? Anyway, move on.

#2. Claire products - I bought an anti-winkle cream and anti-cellulite to try on since it's handmade and organic. Girls my age are all anti this and anti that. Or else sooner or later become auntie. :/ So far I've used the anti cellulite scrub. No effect (yet) but I love the feeling of the sugar scrubbed into my skin.

#3. Sally Hansen nail products - Yeap, nails (again) product. It's my it thing this year. Less clothes, less shoes but more nails products!!! Parkson was having promotions for their Sally Hansen and since the price is reasonable, why not.... Heh. Wtm.. I have yet to use any of the nail colours but the Diamond Shine base and top coat was a bad buy. Totally didn't get the effect I expected. The bottle attracted me so much I had high hopes. But I got a huge disappointment.

Basically that's it. Spending money like water.
Water. :/