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Friday, June 20, 2014

Pre loved Sale on Carousell


I'm pretty sure you heard this name - Carousell. I have an account earlier this year but wasn't really familiar with it and was just looking around, playing with the apps. But the when I got pretty handy with it, I started being active last week (hahaa!). Still new in selling my half pre-loved and half 100% brand new stuffs.

I also noted that there's a new apps too, Duriana. I have that as well but I feel like the apps is still unstable and I'm not comfy using that at the moment. So, I'll just stay dormant now for that app.

Do find me in Carousell,

My name is Michelle.Snoopy. I try to get the same as my blog to avoid confusion. And please, serious buyers only! :)

Enjoy shopping/selling!