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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mid May Shots


Just an overview of some shots that I took weeks ago. Some stories to go with them as well. Heh..

#1 - Cereals. I've been consuming cereals for breakfast on and off but I really really reaaaaaally would like to stick to this routine as often as I can. The name was the point of this shot.. It's called BANANA-NUT. LOL! I don't know why I find this funny! XD But anyway, I can feel the effect of it. My pass motions are really much smoother than before. Heh! *thumbs up*

The drawback is that this one box only last me for a week. And I only have it for breakfast instead of following the instruction of replacing TWO meals with this cereal. Have to replenish every week - ishh.

#2. Pretty sky! - It feels like rainy season so once I saw this great sky on that fine day, I quickly snapped a photo of it. Such a great view to start the day :)

#3. This flower reminds me a lot of my mum! We used to have this at home and I remembered she kept complaining about this flower not blooming or it blooms once in a blue moon. Besides, they don't last more than 3~4 days too. Simple flower. Love it. Yet I don't know the name of this flower *phail*

How's your day?