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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ipoh Bound


Yes yes, Ipoh over and over. Can't help it but Mr.A's from Ipoh so.... will be heading to Ipoh quite often. :) Nothing surprising done this time except for this place I was brought to for noon tea. Definitely doesn't look any more inviting from the outer look but inside was unexpected.

Some may think it is kinda vintage-ish, girly-ish, English-ish. Whatever you think it is, as long as you love hanging out there. I took a couple of photos that interest me the most and I hope you will like them too. I love the bicycle just at the entrance of this cafe. Very catchy.

And teddy!

Teddy on the couch! I didn't dare to hug it cause god knows who else has been hugging it. But then it's just very cute and I believe loads of girls will love this particular spot. Hahaa. I love their curtain too! Very pretty (Sooo not me) and it suits the whole environment for sure.

Food and drink wise, urgh.. Hate to say this but, no thanks. Didn't worth any penny at all. Never will I return to this cafe unless (again I say) they improve their F&B skills. Oh well... At least their interior is well done!

Last but not least, grocery shopping! LOL... Don't ask me why I had my grocery shopping in IPOH instead of KL/PJ. It's the feeling you know, the feeling of 'shopping' in Ipoh. Hahaa..! But yeah... great weekend! I will be back very soon! Don't move away. :)