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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Feeling Blue


I'm feeling quite blue lately. As blue as the sky I captured the other day. Maybe because of work, crazy hot weather, more work, PMS..? Lol.. Or maybe everything.

At work, I'm doing things I don't like at the moment - graphs and calculations involved. So tensed up when I couldn't get it right. Pfft! That's the reason WHY I dropped Add Maths, Physics and everything related back in high school! >:/ You know that feeling when you just hate it, you will always do? That's me. It's like durian, you either love it or hate it. You can't be in the middle or have this love-hate relationship, right?

Whenever I see/hear/dream of these little tiny numbers and graphs, I just feel......... YUCK.

The weather. Uugghh.. Do I even need to start. Such bad weather! Too hot for me! Sometimes I rather sleep in the office than to come home in this steamy, burnt house! And I've had countless sleepless nights due to the extra super boiling hot weather that woke me up without shame!


Am I the only foolish person in the universe to have NO air cond in my room!? >:/

OKAY, PMS iz onz. >>>:/

But anyway, my brain is too burnt to write anything readable. Pardon me. I shall be back with something. Soon.

stupid sleepy face.