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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Really Do Complain Much


Sometimes I like to complain. Girls right. Girls need to complain. About everything - clothes, food, people, services. But sometimes, when people complain to me, I would go "Alaa... It's like that one la". You know, like the huge gap of differences you (and I) and celebrities get, especially when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICES.

I do understand that "They are famous people ma, they need to advertise for the company". But don't they get it that you (and I) too have to PAY for their services? What rationale is that when celebrities get sponsored and receives tremendous services while people (you and I) who actually PAID for it gets the opposite of it?

I seriously have no clue how to get the sense out of it. Hmph.

Girls = Complains.

Anyway, a couple of shots to share today.. 

#1 Hot Chocolate - From Plan B, Paradigm Mall. This is like my second home. LOL.. I can practically memorize where is Subway, H&M, ZARA, Uniqlo etc. Hahaa..! (time belajar tak hebat macam ini?) But I had this hot chocolate which other than the outlooks of it, I'm not impressed at all. And their food..... Pfft.

#2 Kimchi Jiggae Set - From Daorae Express, Paradigm Mall. Definitely not the best in taste but it suits my taste and.... It's not that bad. I had their sets a couple of times and they really do mean it with the word EXPRESS. *thumbs up*

#3 "I-DON'T-EVEN-WANT-TO-REMEMBER-WHAT-I-ORDERED" - From Library, Damansara Uptown. Terrible drinks, horrible place (upstairs) as it's extremely hot with only fans instead of coolers or air cond. My friends and I were literally SWEATING at the sofa and chairs! Drinks and cake were out of the standard. Waste of money. Geram.

Nah, the big-nosed complain-er