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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Just Had To!


It's kinda a habit where I screenshot funny conversations so let me show you some.

#1 Family - On left, I noticed my dad liked this girl's photo on Facebook and out of curiosity (very curious), I whatsapp my dad about it. And I don't know how to react to his respond. On right, I knew all this while my mum is infamous for her typo.. but this is a higher level.

SERIOUSLY NO OFFENCE TOWARDS THE DEATH but my mum just wanted to tell us about late Karpal Singh's death with the incorrect spelling

#2 Work - On left, my colleague's name is Kausar but one of my doctor wrote Jausar so the other on make fun of his name too (from Kanthan to Janthan). Hahahahahaa! On right, I went back to the office on one of the Sunday and I saw my prof was meeting up with his previous assistant and of course he saw my BOY-friend. And......he just have to whatsapp in THE CHAT GROUP.

#3 - BOY-friend - On left, my mum sent me this and told me to forward this to Mr.A. LOL... So sexay! XD.. On right, I saw in the internet that to see "How your boyfriend react when you say I LOVE YOU for three times" so I did the same. While I happily saw most of the response was "What is it that you wan't to buy?", I got a huge disappointed by Mr.A. :/ #testfail. So, yeah I didn't get the bag I wanted. Pfft! #justkiddin.