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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fun Work


*confetti pops* Finally I found a lazy way to simplify my pictures! Hahahaa! Just kidding..Just testing out a different kind of image uploads once in a while. So this is pretty much about my work last week. Had an event in Le Meredian KL Hotel and as usual, my work is pretty much the same - fun. Heh.

First time in Le Meredian and boy, it's a *bling bling* kinda place. Suits best for ladies who love having high tea session or have a luxurious time. 

Selfie with the girls! And yeah... just so you know, I have only two colleagues in my room. The rest are all over the hospital. XD Wtm.. I used our selfie picture to participate in the InstaxClub Selfie Contest. I bet most instax fans knew about this. Vote for us please! I love instax! Hehe! Join too if you want to win an instax camera!

Please help, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! :)

Next post, nail art! (yeay!)