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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beauty Issue #2


Okay... I do have the same problem with Michelle Phan's eyelid and after watching her "How to even out your eyelids without surgery" video, I'm sooooooo yes to do the same! It's just so frustrating looking at my uneven eyelids especially when I'm applying my eye liner! The not-so-nice-looking eyelid will have a thicker eye liner than the normal eyelid.

Yuck. Just....... Y-U-C-K.

#1. So, I have a picture of me with my uneven eyelids. I'm trying to get my right eyelid fixed. And since I don't have money for surgery, I'll go with the next option - Cheapskate option. HA HA wtm..

#2. I've been searching high and low for the perfect double eyelid tape and so far I don't think I need to get the very expensive ones, which can go up to RM39.90? The reason is because:-

  • My eyelid produces oil around mid day and my double eyelid tape will not stick that well once it come in contact and have to change twice a day.
  • It's disposable. Meaning I can't use one tape for multiple times. So why bother getting such expensive double eyelid tape?

I'm still not familiar with liquid glue but maybe once I finished the tape ones then I'll practice with the glue.

#3. I find that as cheap as RM5.90 works pretty well enough for me (at least) and I think I'll just stick to my favourite ones for now. My fav tape currently is the one with tiny ends at both sides. It sticks pretty well and the ends doesn't stick out as obvious as the previous ones I used. Those with round ends doesn't work well with my asian eyes (LOL). But it might work got you, I don't know. 

Can't wait for my eye lid to be fixed! *fingers crossed*