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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nail Tell #6 - Cupcakes


Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes! I love cupcakes! I posted this in my fb album but no time to write about this. So here it is!

The main idea of this nail art is you don't have to be consistent with it. Consistent cupcakes are not yummy,anyway. You can pick any colour that you like and I've picked blue, green, pink, yellow and purple.

Step by step:-

#1. Start off with a base coat (as always).
#2. Colour half of the tip with your preferred colour.
#3. Colour the top of the cupcake with white/brown depending on what cream would you like to be on top of your cupcake.
#4. Use one shade darker than each colour and draw horizontal stripes on the bottom of the cupcakes.
#5. Using the smallest dotting tool, add some dots on the white cream area as sprinkles.
#6. Add a dot of cherry with a dotting tool on top as the finishing design.
#7. Finish off with a layer of top coat.

So what think you? Like?