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Friday, May 16, 2014

Dad Inspired Story #2


"I'm sitting here. in a boring room..."
LOLL... I was starring at my laptop for a while when I heard the squeaky sound of my door and inspired me to write something.


Just kidding... I wanted to dye my hair (again, yes again) but due to the rules in the hospital, I can't. And it reminded me about one of my dad's stories he used to tell.

When he was a little boy, he and his siblings would be very excited to get a haircut. As my dad's family was kinda poor (or probably REALLY poor), they don't get their hair cut that often. Don't even think about styling their hair.

So when it was time to cut their hair, my grandma would give them 5cents (HA HA! Currency those days....) and they (my dad and siblings) happily walked each other for quite a distance to reach the barber shop. Mainly boys will get a haircut more often compared to the girls as dad mentioned that grandpa doesn't like to see the hair grow more than the ear length. He wants them to have clean and neat haircut. And when they were done, they walk all the way home with a wide grin.

I really love how dad finds pleasure in everything that he did and own since he was young. And I believe that is why he has been the man that I look up to when I was and is trying to learn "How to appreciate everything that you have". Imagine a boy getting a hair cut is like winning a lottery. At least that was how I imagine of him when he told me this story.

He is just as amazing as this.

Not a lot of people nowadays understand the true meaning of appreciation. Even if they knew, seldom would apply. Especially with the temptation of the advanced gadgets, luxurious lifestyle etc. I, myself would be blurred by these evil temptations too. Hence I'm really grateful that my dad would be the one who reminds me about