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Thursday, May 08, 2014

April - All About Work

credit to Farith (boy)
credit to Prof
credit to Prof


Can't believe I haven't been writing since May! XD

What nonsense.. Well mainly due to my workload from end of April and with the post mortem thingy (still slightly going on).. So, been busy with work but now my schedule is so much better.

While being one of the organizing committee for my Prof's workshop, we (colleagues and I) still managed to have fun and I...snapped some photos of course. Hehee. The night before the event, we dined in the hotel's restaurant itself.

Fine dining.

#1. I am okay with fine dining actually but with whole day sweat and work and no shower (not even freshened up), it's just a disaster. Not to mention I was on my iPanema SLIPPER!

Screw the stares.

#2, 3. I was pretty excited with all the food provided from the hotel although 60% of them were not up to the hotel standard. Wtm.. Ok laa... Not that bad la... 57% okay....? 

#4, 5, 6. Pixies from dinner night with the doctors and crews. I SWEAR the last picture I wasn't suppose to be serious! LOL!!! I was standing in front laughing at my friend's joke (on my left) and suddenly one of the doctors pulled my hair and said "Serious, serious". So I thought we were going to be ALL IN SERIOUS FACE! Then this picture was sent to EVERYBODY. =________________=. My doctor tricked me! >.<

It was tiring but fun at the same time. Another experience gained! I can join event company liao. Hahahaha wtm..

Next post - Nail Art (yeayy!). ;)