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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nail Tell #6 - Cupcakes


Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes! I love cupcakes! I posted this in my fb album but no time to write about this. So here it is!

The main idea of this nail art is you don't have to be consistent with it. Consistent cupcakes are not yummy,anyway. You can pick any colour that you like and I've picked blue, green, pink, yellow and purple.

Step by step:-

#1. Start off with a base coat (as always).
#2. Colour half of the tip with your preferred colour.
#3. Colour the top of the cupcake with white/brown depending on what cream would you like to be on top of your cupcake.
#4. Use one shade darker than each colour and draw horizontal stripes on the bottom of the cupcakes.
#5. Using the smallest dotting tool, add some dots on the white cream area as sprinkles.
#6. Add a dot of cherry with a dotting tool on top as the finishing design.
#7. Finish off with a layer of top coat.

So what think you? Like?


Friday, May 23, 2014

Essentials In My Bag For Now


I've never talked about my handbag. Or any other bags. Wtm.. So these are the MAIN ESSENTIALS that I have at the moment. 

#1. My EOS lip balm - Bringing this wherever I go. So far the best lipbalm I've ever used. I remember I saw four flavours but I bought one to try out. Getting more in my next trip to USA!

#2. Hand Cream - Newly discovered brand for hand, hair and body care from Thailand. I love purchasing hand creams so I got myself this Jasmine Ritual scent.

Non sticky checked,
Smooth application checked,
Rich texture checked.
Got to go!

#3. Fisherman Lozenges - My throat had been naughty these few days. Not sure if it's due to the weather but *sigh* such a turn off to loads of great food last weekend! >:/


Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Is All I Know, Malaysians


Dear all,

This is a political post that I'm about to share. Though I rarely write about political issues, today, I have the urge to express myself as a Malaysian. And I'll tell you what I know.

#1. I'm been noticing friends in Facebook posting/sharing too much of political posts and comments and statuses either about the government or the oppositions or anything-that-can-relate-to-Malaysia's-politics. And you try to kinda "dig and expose" Malaysia's dirty little secrets regardless about the politicians themselves, the dead, the sons, the daughters, the great grand daughters or even the politician's daily food intake (geeez..dramatik giler). You love your dear country and hence you NEED the world to know every single detail, I get it. Don't we all love our country? 

#2. I felt very very offended (don't know since when) that nowadays some of my friends people started saying "..that Malays lah" or " si Cina tu...". I don't get it. Why should it be labels of 'Malay', 'Chinese', 'Indian'? And all those political posts that you shared, are those suppose to make me feel rebellious to my country or what? Or to make me support racism? Are the posts teaching me how to hate my dear friends from different backgrounds and races? How could I? Or either, how could you? Haven't you been living among together all this while? Haven't Malaysia been different cultures and colours all these years? How could one be so cold-blooded in a blink? All I know is it has done nothing good to me. And I felt sorry for those who starts to agree with all the racial posts, comment about it and share it in a very disgusted way.

#3. Dear politicians, aren't you suppose to be helping the people instead of making mocking and racist statements? Rationing, education, poverty, medical and health, living expenses, economy's growth... All these are under your care. Malaysians count on you to make it better. Yet you and yes most of you, with the title and position, abuse all the power that you have to hurt Malaysian's heart. All I know is I've been very disappointed to all of the current politicians as I read the papers, watch the news and follow their Facebook updates regardless which party are they from.

Where would I go if you kick me out of my country? I bet China won't be accepting me since they're already pack. Besides, I don't have any martial art talent or a superbrain that can invent extraordinary inventions. And as far as I'm concerned, I've only heard of the great tsunami but not Chinese tsunami so I assume it's much awesome than the first one.

Which part of Malaysia will actually be Malaysia again if you kick everybody out of here? Seriously, Malaysia will be truly Asia with all us gone? 'Cause for all I know you'll be kicking all the wanton soup, char kuey teow, chapati, naan etc all away. And would you be kicking angmoh people too? Then you'll have no Nando's, TGIF, Fish & Co., red velvet cakes. And all you have left is what, nasi lemak, lemang and hang tuah? What about public holidays? Are you going to take away the Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Wesak, Thaipusam, Christmas holidays just because we don't belong here?

This is, for sure, not the Malaysia that I've been living in, or any other tourists that came for a visit. We have our unique culture, remember? The one that the world used to talk about - different cultures in one, instead of ridiculous bomoh or insulting statements?

#4. All I know is it didn't matter who I voted or who we will vote in future. What matters to me is,

Are these people going to serve the country and help fellow Malaysians?

Or are they just being voted to curse and mock and throw responsibilities to each other? Do the politicians truly understand the help that Malaysian had been screaming, the need that Malaysian had been yelling? Is it really more important to win a debate than to lend a hand to the Malaysians in need right at this second? Don't they get the saying that "It takes two to argue but only one to stop?"

#5. I'm not sure if my colleagues at work or friends I've met secretly hate me due to massive brainwash by all the negative, racist, evil posts but how much can I care for? All I know is I dislike the situation I'm seeing now, happening at my own country - Malaysia. 

#6. I went to a government primary school, a mission secondary school, moved on to a government school for my STPM and currently working at a government-private hospital. So basically I don't hang around with only Chinese community. The people whom I grew up with (?), they never tell me to stay away from them. I've had sleepovers at my "Malay" friend's house and painted my "Indian" friend nails. So what. Am I going to be hanged for doing that?

All I know is back where I grew up, we were all the same. We ate lunch together, changed clothes (only girls) together, gossiped together, practised netball together and studied together. Sometimes, we would talk about the "Misteri Nusantara" tv show or how ugly my Math's teacher's brows or how eerie the Pengajian Am's teacher's dandruff tangling around her hair.

I still do keep in touch with them regardless their races and religions. Why would I be bothered by that anyway? I was never being taught to hate other skin colour or to tease them. I was never told to despise their religion ever. I really have no idea where did it came from. All the posts that people write and share is so very depressing and it just saddens me to see the changes happened in Malaysia.

#7. I may not be the most patriotic person in the country nor I contributed anything at all (besides my laziness LOL). I mumbled my weekly Rukun Negara principles in school and sang the incomplete Negaraku  but all I know is that I've practiced every word in it and I will always do. There is not a way that those posts that you shared will change my view on my people and I hope all of you will do the same too. All I know is I am born in an environment where there are:-

Different races of friends,
Different types of religions,
Different types of skin colour,
But all united together.

Malaysia was so beautiful and homey to me. I don't know since when it started to change. I don't know where is it heading to.

But I've told you what I knew. :(


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Black and Black


Nothing much actually. Just spending my endless time in my room snapping photos HA HA. But my hair is messy, don't you think? O_o Sleepless nights due to massive cough #damnit. And worst thing is it happens at night more than the day. Cis.

#1. Medium Black - Just finished my stretches and *snap*. I'm currently using this lemon grass and ginger body scrub (small little jar in front of the mirror with a spoon) which claimed by the tau keh neo to reduce cellulite. Let's see if it works.

#2. Light Black - While waiting for my house mate to be done with the toilet cause.... I need to shower. Heh...

"Go on, go wild with the colours"


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beauty Issue #2


Okay... I do have the same problem with Michelle Phan's eyelid and after watching her "How to even out your eyelids without surgery" video, I'm sooooooo yes to do the same! It's just so frustrating looking at my uneven eyelids especially when I'm applying my eye liner! The not-so-nice-looking eyelid will have a thicker eye liner than the normal eyelid.

Yuck. Just....... Y-U-C-K.

#1. So, I have a picture of me with my uneven eyelids. I'm trying to get my right eyelid fixed. And since I don't have money for surgery, I'll go with the next option - Cheapskate option. HA HA wtm..

#2. I've been searching high and low for the perfect double eyelid tape and so far I don't think I need to get the very expensive ones, which can go up to RM39.90? The reason is because:-

  • My eyelid produces oil around mid day and my double eyelid tape will not stick that well once it come in contact and have to change twice a day.
  • It's disposable. Meaning I can't use one tape for multiple times. So why bother getting such expensive double eyelid tape?

I'm still not familiar with liquid glue but maybe once I finished the tape ones then I'll practice with the glue.

#3. I find that as cheap as RM5.90 works pretty well enough for me (at least) and I think I'll just stick to my favourite ones for now. My fav tape currently is the one with tiny ends at both sides. It sticks pretty well and the ends doesn't stick out as obvious as the previous ones I used. Those with round ends doesn't work well with my asian eyes (LOL). But it might work got you, I don't know. 

Can't wait for my eye lid to be fixed! *fingers crossed*


Friday, May 16, 2014

Dad Inspired Story #2


"I'm sitting here. in a boring room..."
LOLL... I was starring at my laptop for a while when I heard the squeaky sound of my door and inspired me to write something.


Just kidding... I wanted to dye my hair (again, yes again) but due to the rules in the hospital, I can't. And it reminded me about one of my dad's stories he used to tell.

When he was a little boy, he and his siblings would be very excited to get a haircut. As my dad's family was kinda poor (or probably REALLY poor), they don't get their hair cut that often. Don't even think about styling their hair.

So when it was time to cut their hair, my grandma would give them 5cents (HA HA! Currency those days....) and they (my dad and siblings) happily walked each other for quite a distance to reach the barber shop. Mainly boys will get a haircut more often compared to the girls as dad mentioned that grandpa doesn't like to see the hair grow more than the ear length. He wants them to have clean and neat haircut. And when they were done, they walk all the way home with a wide grin.

I really love how dad finds pleasure in everything that he did and own since he was young. And I believe that is why he has been the man that I look up to when I was and is trying to learn "How to appreciate everything that you have". Imagine a boy getting a hair cut is like winning a lottery. At least that was how I imagine of him when he told me this story.

He is just as amazing as this.

Not a lot of people nowadays understand the true meaning of appreciation. Even if they knew, seldom would apply. Especially with the temptation of the advanced gadgets, luxurious lifestyle etc. I, myself would be blurred by these evil temptations too. Hence I'm really grateful that my dad would be the one who reminds me about





Monday, May 12, 2014

Of Childhood, Dogs and Cafes.


I've never really introduced myself as a blogger, at least not officially. I don't tell people "Oh hey, I am a blogger and I blog at bla bla blaa...".

I don't know. Maybe I'm not. 

I do see a lot of lifestyle and beauty bloggers promoting products, writing reviews etc but I don't do that ( not that I have any pun LOL). But telling people I'm a 'blogger', really, gives me chills. My english is....... "half bucket water" and I most of the time I just rant. Wtm..

I just like to write things down....

#1. Anyway, I've been missing my childhood nowadays. Getting old just means there is soooo much to remember. I think that's why I'm penning all my stories in this space for my next generation (cheeeeh..). Two weeks ago I went to Ipoh (Mr.A's hometown) for a weekend. Boy, I found my childhood love!




Muahahaaa! It's been like what...20 years?!?? LOLLLLL!! I got one and had fun blowing out as huge bubble as I can. I can't do that when I was young cause kids mah.. Not enough air back then.. HA HA. #weakkid.

#2. Hanging out at Mc Cafe is a normal routine for Mr.A and family due to the fact that Ipoh coffee shops mostly closes at 8pm? Really? But Mc Cafe is fine for me :)

#3, 4. Both bosses have their own sit. Ok loh... No place for me loh... You all win liao lor.. XD

#5, 6. Trying out two new cafes in town. Very pretty and cosy environment. Saw a local celeb but didn't dare to snap a #selfie with her. #scaredrejection. LOLL #idontwanttoliveanmore.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

20140509 Dinner Date


Mr. A's birthday was on 2/5 but we were in Ipoh and I couldn't give him this surprise. Then I decided I'll send a delivery for 9/5/2014. After digging his working schedule and to make sure he will be in office for the delivery date, I put in my order and waited patiently.

LOL! The first thing he whatsapp me was "You play what woh?". Then he sent me a picture of the bouquet! Not flowers but Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquets! Yeeeaaayyy! It's a mini surprise for him since he's so tensed up about his work. Glad that he love it. ;)

So he wanted a not-so-simple dinner and we actually picked CHICAGO but they were closed for renovation thank God! cause we coincidently went to dave's (while I was thinking it's been awhile since I dine there) and Mr.A loved every meal we ordered.

He kept saying we should try another dish next time and to bring my parents here in June and to bring his mum here too wtm... =__________= Not cheap to dine in here though. But once in a while, why not :)

The last time I went to dave's was about.........2 years ago? I've always loved their salads and last night I tried their Crispy Pork Belly Shavings,  Escargots ├á la Bourguignonne and Crispy Pork Knuckle. 

S-U-P-E-E-E-E-R D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-U-U-U-U-U-S.

No joke, dude. It's officially one of my fav restaurant.

The main chef is cute too.



Friday, May 09, 2014

Nail Tell #5 - Mother's Day 2014


Mother's day is on 11th May (in Malaysia at least)! But too bad my mum is not here. She was, two weeks ago when she stayed for 2 more days after her Korea trip. I googled "Mother's day nail art" but couldn't find one to re-create. So I did one on my own. 

Products used:-

1. Two shades of pink as base (light from OPI, dark from unknown),
2. White MUM alphabets from Bourjois,
3. Red hearts from OPI,
4. Light pink hearts from the same light base colour,
5. Roses from both dark base colour and #3,
6. Green leaves from unknown,
7. Dotting tools.

There's no tip or tricks to this one basically. The roses are simple swirls of two colour combined together. What do you think?

Anyway, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and enjoy the weekend with your mumsy!


Thursday, May 08, 2014

April - All About Work

credit to Farith (boy)
credit to Prof
credit to Prof


Can't believe I haven't been writing since May! XD

What nonsense.. Well mainly due to my workload from end of April and with the post mortem thingy (still slightly going on).. So, been busy with work but now my schedule is so much better.

While being one of the organizing committee for my Prof's workshop, we (colleagues and I) still managed to have fun and I...snapped some photos of course. Hehee. The night before the event, we dined in the hotel's restaurant itself.

Fine dining.

#1. I am okay with fine dining actually but with whole day sweat and work and no shower (not even freshened up), it's just a disaster. Not to mention I was on my iPanema SLIPPER!

Screw the stares.

#2, 3. I was pretty excited with all the food provided from the hotel although 60% of them were not up to the hotel standard. Wtm.. Ok laa... Not that bad la... 57% okay....? 

#4, 5, 6. Pixies from dinner night with the doctors and crews. I SWEAR the last picture I wasn't suppose to be serious! LOL!!! I was standing in front laughing at my friend's joke (on my left) and suddenly one of the doctors pulled my hair and said "Serious, serious". So I thought we were going to be ALL IN SERIOUS FACE! Then this picture was sent to EVERYBODY. =________________=. My doctor tricked me! >.<

It was tiring but fun at the same time. Another experience gained! I can join event company liao. Hahahaha wtm..

Next post - Nail Art (yeayy!). ;)