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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nail Tell #4 - Gold Striper Tape


I haven't been spending time on my nail art practice but this week everything resume as normal! This was last week's nail art. Something really simply by using only few shades of orange nail polishes and gold colour striper tape.

First time using the tape and it was pretty handy compared to drawing those lines on the nails as they are definitely more accurate and straight..

And pretty to look at too. 


I feel that orange it not an easy colour on my hands. Maybe I'm not suitable for orange. But I love the colour!! Wtm.. Another thing about the striper tape is I applied two coats of top coat just in case the tape peels off easily. I read it online (and watch YouTube) that it comes off pretty easy. Lasts only for few days.

So yea... Be back soon! Can't wait April to end! X(