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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Nail Tell #3 - Cath Kidston Inspired Flowers.


Nail post this time. This was a request from a close friend of mine. She wanted a Cath Kidston inspired nails so I did a little research online and decided to try this one.

As you can tell, the attention seeker for this nail art is the flowers/roses (whichever you want it to be called). And the most important tool is a rounded and a really fine dotting tool. The leaves and polka dots can be easily done with a fine brush.

The trick is to blend the colour of the flower with a hint of white (in a swirl) while the first colour is still wet. I know a lot of YouTube videos shows this pattern by using a brush but I personally think this method is more controllable and I have better confidence using this method.

Hope you guys like this!