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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dad Inspired Story #1


When I was younger, my dad tells me stories of his childhood a lot. He always 'incorporate' it in his 'teaching lessons'. LOL.. That's what I often secretly tell myself - life coaching.

What kind of person you want to be,

Why must you be kind to people,


Basically he lectures me and my older brother, in a kind and good way. Mostly because every year, he sees who are we becoming and looking at the direction we are heading to, he couldn't just let us be. He would sit both of us down (probably twice a year) and tells us his stories - people he met at work, humanity, obstacles that he had been through as he grew wiser.

I never complained whenever he starts his lessons.

Maybe except that I thought it was too long but since it happens only that once/twice a year...yeah why not.

But now that I'm much older, I love his stories even more, and even if he repeats it over and over. I try pretty hard to remember as much as I could, so that I won't forget all his memorable stories. You see, he came from a very unprivileged family. My great grandparents of course tried their very best to provide their necessities and hoping that they will grow up to be a great man. I guess my dad made them proud :).

It hit me when I myself started to forget things every now and then. I always joke about having early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. But truth is, my memories from primary school, the day I joined gymnastics, my first awards, my first dance (yeah I did dance), my first ponytail.... All these I can't recall. Not without trying very hard.

Not to mention I hated taking photos, especially in high school. I never understood why my high school girls won't stop taking photos but apparently in 2014, #selfie is proclaimed to be a syndrome.. Hahaha! Wtm.. But yeah, I start to keep all my memories via Instagram, blog, fb or any other social media. Losing these sweet reminiscence would be the worst thing that would happen to my life.

I don't want them to fade away.

I need to recall all my tiny funny things that happened,

All the ridiculous conversations I had with my bff,

All the crazy gossip about my high school teacher,

All those netball moments I had in school,

Journeys of me growing up,

"I want them to be in my mind forever.
'Cause it's now or never."