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Saturday, April 26, 2014

COSANS Coffee, SS15 Subang Jaya


I'm not sure why each time I'm so excited and eager to have a sip at the cafe, something just happen. I read reviews and comments and tips online about how pretty the coffee arts are, how nice the service they get etc. But when it's my turn, everything seems so different.

I heard a lot about COSANS, probably because the malaysian bloggers made a video about it. This was my second time there after a very nice experience with them the first time. And I decided "Hmm.. maybe I should request for a specific art"

Bad idea. Real bad.

"Can I have a Mint Hot Chocoalate please?"

"You want hot or cold?"

". . . . . . . *looked at the board* . . . . . *looked at her*. . . . . hot...."


"Ou can I request for  snoopy art?

"Oh ya ya"

I was sooo happy waiting for my first every snoopy art when came is what pictured above. I looked and looked and stared over and over. Finally I can't figure it out I asked my friend "Which part of this art looks like snoopy?!"

She laughed.

Pretty hard.

Mr.A even comforted me that it's an S for Snoopy. *face palm*

Can anyone understand how this feels? Maybe it's just me. ALL. THE. TIME.