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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Anniversary Date


Last thursday was our first anniversary. Such a dramatic year, I must say (hahaha!). Maybe it's because my previous relationships were always long distance ones so I didn't really have any sort of serious arguments or disagreements. This is probably my first (and lasted for a year so far) XD. 

We were both working. I'm busy, he's busier.. So we try to find time to meet up as much as possible and thank God we had time for our anni last week. Nothing special actually. Got him a new spectacles and he was very excited about it. LOL.. 

I always wrap his presents just to give him a suspense. YouTube was really really helpful with the videos on making boxes form papers, origami boxes etc. I love wrapping presents! We dine at one of our regular places and chilled until it was closed. Great night :)

But yeah.. Happy night and wishing another 365 days with lots of luck!