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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nude to Red.


I'm not really a fan of lipsticks cause I whenever I put them on I feel like my lips is 0.5 gram heavier (chehh..). LOL...! My favourite colour would be something coral-ish color. I have the impression that lipstick incorporated with coral colour is nice for nude make ups. Hehe. Entah betui ke tak pun..

Credit to necessarybeauty.blogspot.com
So I started off with no colour at all and build up the redness... Not really red red, but close. I'll get one maybe soon. I've always wanted to try a really hot red lipstick. Heh.


pinkish red

I did have some foundation on. Attended a make up lesson in the HOSPITAL last friday. Wtm... imagine hospital + make up lesson. Haha! And I had my haircut today! It's been really hot and chopping a few inches off my head kinda helps a lot! *yeaaay!*