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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nail Tell #1 - Galaxy

tools for this nail art


I've been practising some nail art since earlier this year but only now that I think it's share-able haha! I'm still in the midst of improving my strokes with brushes and more art to share. 

For starter, I'll have this famous galaxy nail art done over and over by lots of professional art artists. I googled galaxy nails and I stumbled upon loads of different colours of galaxy. Maybe different colour next time? I must admit, it wasn't really difficult as the steps are mostly repetitive and just minimal dots here and there. I'll explain in simply FIVE steps:-

1. Black nail polish after your base coat.
2. Use the edge of a sponge (uneven surface better, just tear a little form the edge!), dab just very little white polish and then gently dab it on the nails. Remember, gently
3. Repeat with pink and then purple at the same area.
4. Use a brush or dotting tool, just dot on the black area to add the galaxy-ness to the nails. For easier way, use glitter polish and only very minimal amount of it, and dot at the black area.
5. Finish off with top coat.

Note 1: DO NOT execute Step 2 and 4 to the whole nail! It will look like the whole galaxies crashed in a clump.
Note 2: You don't need a lot of polish for Step 2 and 3!

Thanks for reading! :)