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Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Game, March.

The Roof, 1st Avenue
current haircut


It's already end of March! Time passes too quick! :( I was a little busy to write up due to:-

#1. Work,
#2. Stress release session,
#3. Catching up,
#4. Haircut.

So tiring but fun! These people I meet are worth all my breath, time and energy cause they are really making me laugh - constantly!

April will be slightly busier. But hopefully I will have left over energy to meet up with friends to catch up and relax and enjoy the moment. :) It feels so nice to be surrounded with really good aura friends. It's good enough for me to keep negative thoughts away.

Can't wait for april to end! Heheee! Tomorrow's April Fool! I'll be back with something less rubbish-y! *pinky finger*