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Monday, March 10, 2014

Eating out


I'm constantly eating out. Well, who doesn't eat out these days right? With the busy work schedules, who would have such time to cook at home every single day? I do cook at home.......if I'm not busy during work. Wtm.

To search for a good restaurant/stall/food court to dine in is definitely the 2nd most hardest thing in the universe. The hardest thing is "What to eat?!" I recently dined in a few new places and not 100% satisfied with the food they served.

#1. The Good Batch. Other than the Iced Mocha, nothing much to say about their food. Even a simple Caesar wasn't done well.

#2. Rumahku. Very good fusion cuisine with great taste and rich flavours *sluuuuuuuurps*. I posted in instagram but I kept the dessert here because.........it wasn't really nice. I guess dessert is not their forte.

#3. Kopitiam in Bangsar (sorry don't know the name but it's at the corner and near to the market). Everything on the table was so-so. Just ate them for the sake of my stomach. :/

Eating out is getting more and more frequent especially for my generation now, struggling in the working society to work our ass off just for another decent meal. Cooking at home needs passion and time and patient too. I think youngsters now are not in the mood that at the moment. After all, it's sooooooo tempting being outside of the house!