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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Disabled Comments


I've disabled the comment link on my blog, if you noticed. And I'm so relieved to do so. I blogwalk whenever I have time to and occasionally leave comments. The main reason I disabled my comment is when I read people's blog, I see the comments are a little.....weird. Wtm..

I'm a little nervous/uncomfortable when people would write something like "comment back" or "visit back". It's a polite way of demanding a comment on their blog but I'm very uncomfortable with doing that. And I don't wish others to do the same to me too. I visit blogs because I want to read their posts, not because I want to get something in return.

I'd rather not having you read if you expect me to comment or must-visit-back kinda thing. And I'm confused with people who says "blogging is my passion" when all I see is "please comment" or "comment and I'll comment back". I'm not sure if it's blogging or commenting that they're passionate about. O_o

I'm freakishly a weirdo.