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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Days in KLCC


So I started my first few days of March in KL Convention Centre for an exhibition show. I rarely visit the centre of KL due to the massive traffic and the crowd. But on top of that, I just don't blend well with people's stare.

Maybe it's the impression that people have, when you are to go to Kuala Lumpur area, you have to be well-dressed. And I'm so completely the opposite. I don't join the crowd cause I don't think it's necessary nor compulsory.

I was wearing a decent top and jeans throughout the three days and no problem with that. The only thing that attracted people's stare is my BAG. Yeap...my back pack. Not only the colour - bright turquoise but also I was carrying it IN FRONT. LOL.... it's for my safety precaution just in case some snatch theft targeted me.

And people stared at me like I'm sort of a freak. I felt like asking "WHAT...?" to them. You know...those stare that goes up and down at you.. So judgemental. Eww..

But then, I managed to snap some pictures when I was walking around the park. The haze is pretty bad. :(