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Thursday, March 13, 2014

BGR - Killing Time


Something about relationship today. Heh.. Dating in uni is far different from dating in the working society. Workloads, schedules, business trip etc that makes a couple meet up lesser and lesser. I've known some drs who mentioned that they only meet their other half once/twice a month. My response was "?!?!?!?" How do couples survive like that?!

Credit to uthinkkido.com

I always think like the meme above too. Especially when my man doesn't pick up my calls or reply my texts. Wtm.. But now that I myself experienced the super busy schedules and all I can think of is your BED, I realise I did pressure my ex partners a lot. I demanded to go out even when they are tired. How mean.. XD

I guess this is THE real deal of COMPROMISING. "It's easy to be said than done", they say. And I true that saying! I'm attached with a workaholic man and I just couldn't be as mean as I was before. Knowing that it's so tiring to date/hangout/walk after a very very long day is just going to frustrate him. And frustrating your man is not cool. Couples end up arguing about who sacrifices more and who compromises more often.

So these are the things you can do when he's busy working:-

1. Shop for him. Shop without your man. Go get him something to enlighten his hectic work with a little surprise! Be it a simple pen or a tie or even a funny handmade card! It's doesn't need to be a celebration or special date to hand him a small gift, right? But don't spend too much on a present cause you might need to get him something quite often.

2. Hangout with friends. Don't neglect your friends when you start dating! They are the important people in your life too! Go catch up with your dear friends/babes/angels WITHOUT your guy. Especially those you haven't meet since ages. Loads of coffee shops/houses/cafes are booming around town. Go try them with your friends. XD

3. Hobby. Everyone has a hobby. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. If you don't have any, bang the wall with your head and figure out one. If you like to read, then spend some time alone reading. If you like to bake, then bake! Occupy your time with your hobby! It'll distract you from thinking about him too much.

4. Catch a drama. K-Pop fan? TVB fan? I'm pretty sure there are tons of dramas you can watch. Go get a few and cry in front of the screen! LOL!

The harder you try to grab water on your palm, the faster it flows out from it.

And it's TGIF tmr! Wohooo!