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Friday, February 28, 2014

What is Happiness?


I had a dream nights ago. I was in a huge house, owned by a wealthy family with only one child. I wasn't quite sure why I was in that house but I the conversation I had with the owner was intense.

The wife kinda looked down at me as my lifestyle wasn't up to her level. Just before I left the house, I expressed myself to the couple that "although I don't live in a luxury house like this, yet I'm so contented with the life I have now...you stay in such a huge house yet it's as empty as a lost soul"

Well, it ended something like that...

I woke up, trying very hard to remember my dream cause I usually don't. Or only bits and pieces. I had a lot of thinking.... what actually makes me happy? Getting a bag or myself? Shopping every weekend? Spending high tea at a classy hotel? They say "if money can't buy happiness, then they don't know where to spend it" or something like that. But then I thought about my kinda happiness.

Happiness is craving for ice cream or cendol on this crazy hot weather,

Happiness is watching dramas after work,

Happiness is having nonsense talk with friends every now and then,

Happiness is buying cheapskate clothes and brags about it,

Happiness is bragging about my cheapskate clothes and complain about the quality,

Happiness is spending money on cheap yet awesome food,

Happiness is..........spending cheap.

I witness people spending their 'richness' in the most lavish ways and I must say, I envy them. Then, I'm  also trying to learn how to appreciate my life, being average. I'm being too stingy to share my time on unnecessary lavishness. Is it just me...?