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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Things To Do in 2014

Hola! I'm back to KL, started working, with loads of work waiting to be done XD. It's pretty warm and stuffy in KL these days. I can't sleep well at night too. But I had a great week back in Sabah! It's Chinese New Year after all! People preparing for the huge festival - hair, clothes, nails etc. I, of course, spent time.... proly tooooooo much time on my hair. I finally had my first dip dye, after considering about it for a year now wtm. Though it didn't turn out as I expected.

I was so determined on getting my ends with bright purple but the hairstylist explained that. . . . . . . . which I don't really understand. I was soooo confused with whatever reason she gave so I pointed at pink instead *face palm*. I snapped a couple of my shocking pink hair photos but I restored my old apple itunes thingy and the photos were gone. HUGE MISTAKE and I hated my phone for 30mins. =__=

The first photo was after two washes and yea, bleaching really damages the hair. Then I bought a cheapskate purple dye and dyed my ends at home. Turned out I was pretty impressed (with both my skills and the outcome HA HA..). The last photo doesn't show my purple base which only lasted few days. It faded right after two washes. :(

Since my hair is pretty damaged, I tend to try as many colours as I can before I chop the ends off. Hehee! Oh.. and it's currently blue. Happened accidentally. WTM.. 

*scraping off my first wishlist in 2014!*