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Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Issue #1

I got this Little Love Potion set as I really need to try everything out first before I decide on using the products of their normal size. Another reason is, I seldom doll up for dates. =____= I just dislike REMOVING them. But I'll try to be more hardworking this year XD. So I've tried a couple of them and I love these:-

  1. Stay Don't Stray! I just fell in love with it as it easily covers my dark circles! Well, not 100% but so far this is the best concealar to cover up my really really dark circles. It's rare that I DON'T HAVE dark circles even if I slept well and drink lots of water during the day. It just wouldn't go away. But this it really awesome and easy to apply on too!
  2. It's Potent! An eye cream, used it to prep my eyes before anything else - eye primer, eye shadow etc. The good thing about it is it moisturises my eye area and I felt slight refreshed by the application. Not a huge difference but great start before the heavy make ups.

I'm gonna try the rest and write about it soon. :)