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Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Than a BFF


I've always wanted a sister. But my parents didn't have another baby girl after me. I was blessed with a cousin baby instead heh. Her face is not so much of a stranger in my blog and I love her as much as I love my own sister (if I have one). Whenever I'm back to see her, I would literally ditch my parents and just hug and kiss her 24/7. Wtm...

She always knows what to say to people or when to say things,

knows how to smile to the camera,

knows how to pose for the camera,

fights back if necessary instead of weeping or wailing,

knows her fashion style well,

pick who she wants to talk to (as shy as I am),

knows how to give a hug (whenever I give a sad pout),

knows how to cover someone with a blanket,

knows how to demand for presents,

knows how to compliment people (only if she's given a compliment first....fair trade)

knows her teddy's name very well,

grabs my teddy away from me,

poke my teddy's eyes...,

knows how to pout her lips like a duck much better than I do,

She's a lot of things and she grows too fast and I sometimes worry about her, growing up. The people who would influence her, classmates who would not play with her, strangers who would kidnap her. All sorts of negative possibilities that would take her away from me.

I'm not done with her... I'm never gonna be done with her. And I don't want her to grow any faster. :(