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Friday, February 07, 2014



Each time I think of taking a 2 hours 35 mins flight back to my home is so annoying. But then, each flight I took was worth it. Family is very important, I get that. And don't question me "why would I stay in KL then?". As much as I wanted to go home, I chose not to..for personal reasons.

Going home this time was really fun and enjoyable. Lots of happy photos and less conflicts between relatives. The teenagers have grown into young adults and though, I must admit, there are communication gaps somewhere in between, yet I'm still delighted to see them making the effort to make this festive merrier.

#1 photo was me, my brother, sis-in-law and little cousin. I just love the look on all our faces. Very homey 

#2 photo was candid. I love this shot too. It's not a professional photo shoot and not taken with any professional DSLR or camera but I just love to stare at it. I'm always excited to play around with my little cheesy cousin. And she loooooves #selfies much more than I do. XD She looked at the photo and said "Why is my face like that?" Hahaa.. totally made my day!

#3 was food! Enormous amount of food! How can this festive celebrated with Italian or French cuisine portions! Chinese New Year is mainly served with HUGE PORTION of yummy food! And the main reason why I love to stay a little longer back home is for the home cook meals. It will always, alllllllways be the best meals ever.