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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chocolate Fan - Level #100


Mr.A got me a box of chocolate some time ago. It's my first time looking at this brand and this packaging and this design. I just keep staring at it. Might as well share it here. HA HA.

It's called Willie's Cacao and this box has 5 different sub packaging which is totally different from the main box.o_O Of course then, 5 different chocolate bar from  different countries. If you notice the #1 picture, there is a square shaped paper. That is the map for the origin of each chocolate bar as well as an introduction of the owner on how he discovered the flavours. There are some other country bars that I don't have. *hint* LOL.

So far I've tested only one bar and it's legit. Price wise, i-don't-think-you-would-want-to-know or #justonceinalifetime. At least for me, I'm not fine with the price although the quality is there. Maybe for most people they are willing to spend on this...?

I think I'll just keep the boxes after I finished each and every one of them. Hehee!