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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Mini 2014


Just a very short post as I'm dashing off to my work! Working on weekends...pfft!But .....


Woohoo!! Another year to be filled with lots of excitements and happenings and writings and work! Just to say I'm having both full and part time job..which (I know) will consume most of my life in 2014 but I have to. I have so much goals to achieve this year and I'm not a teenager anymore. I don't have extra time to waste! And as for this 5 year old-to-be blog, I'm gonna revamp it again into a new different one!

So my few last moments in 2013 were just pretty simple..
  • Company trip to Laman Pesona in Raub, Pahang,
  • Christmas Eve celebration in CHCKL with friends and Mr.A,
  • Walk around shopping mall on weekends..
LOL! Super boring (ikr!!!!) but HUGE change in 2014! *fingers crossed*

I'll be back!


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Elwyn~! said...

huge change is be you getting married ?