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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching Time and Stay Positive



 Hola! My phone just died on me (WTM..) few days ago so, I literally bored myself to death. I guess electronics really hate me a lot. No intragram, no LINE, no whatsapp, nothing. I've already sent my phone to be fixed and it will take A MONTH wtm.... What am I going to do with A MONTH? Worst thing is they don't have any replacement phone for me. So I have to dig my very old school phone. Seriously it's O.L.D S.C.H.O.O.L...! *die again*

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 Since I have too much time, I might as well write something. :) Oh, I changed my template too. Will change again soon. Have to polish up my template editing skills for future use. Heheh.. For now it's more on bright colours and lots of tiny little cutie things XD

 It's only mid Jan but I'm tired as hell! Mostly due to work, work and more work. Imagine having two jobs and another one coming up (proly next month!). And I miss my workout time! Not in a gym or something but I did workout at home but now I grab all my spare time to sleep! Wtm!

 Okay.. Enough of rantings for now... -___- *breathe in breathe out*

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 A couple of pictures (which I took myself LOL) interest me. Not because of the photos, but because of what I captured. I went to Plan b, Ipoh for the New Year and I find it pretty different from the Plan b I went in KL. This branch here is very much dedicated to the late Yasmin Ahmad. Everything is so delicate and detailed and there are lots of emotions around the restaurant.

 And all of the sudden, Mr.A found a pup scattering around. Hahaha.. looking for fun, I assume.

 Mr.A's car broke down week ago and there were warning signals popping up one by one but both of us had no idea what are those signals meant so I googled I regretted that I did.................... Complicated much? o_O So beware if you don't really understand about high maintenance cars, you should have this image on your phone, just in case.

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 I'll write again soon! See ya!



Kelvin Tan said...

Those warning lights are in the car manuals. If dunno what it is, dig out the car manual and see loh.

michellesnoopy said...

Kelvin - i din know leh..some more so gan cheong that time.. XD

Merryn said...

Kangkung has been such a hit these couple of days :D

michellesnoopy said...

Merryn - yeah! hahahaha!