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Monday, December 09, 2013

Seoul, Korea

Annyeong haseyo! My final trip for this year was to Hawaii! But the flight had to transit via Korea for a day so I got the chance to explore Korea just a very tiny bit. The tour brought us to a 'place' (haha! sorry I don't know what place is that but it's just 15mins from Incheon airport) where we had our lunch and then we were allowed to snap some photos with their costume on.. 

It is winter now in Korea so the weather wasn't sunny but the trees are as pretty. The rest of the pictures are the snaps I got while exploring the streets. Last but not least, I found out there is a Charlie Brown Cafe in Incheon Airport! WTM!! I didn't know about it when I arrived the airport. It was only when I was catching my flight back to Malaysia then I passed by this cafe! >.< Didn't have much time to take a sip so I just snap a few shots. :( There is Helly Kitty store as well, just further down Charlie Brown's cafe..

My impression towards Korea is.... I don't like it. Not because of the weather however, it was because of the people. Maybe it's their culture, or their personality, I don't know. The people are unfriendly (seriously it's not just me) and sometimes rude. Once they know you don't speak Korean or not a Korean at all, they will stare with this horrible face like you owe them a shyt. Or they will talk to you without looking AT you. ..? It's so much different from the Korean dramas that teens are crazying about.. totally-insanely-honestly. Probably only 40% of Koreans will be nice to you ( I assume their partner are not Koreans) and when you find these 40% of people, you'll cry of relief, knowing that not everybody 'HATES' you.

And another good example was.... I was on the plane and sitting at the isle seat. So this Korean couple came and waited for me to stand and let them in. My pillow fell on the ground and the Korean girl just KICKED IT AWAY. 'Nough said, mmkaythanxcibaikia.

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Anonymous said...

"Just kicked it away".... WOW! Hard to imagine as that is soooo incredibly RUDE!!!!!!

snoopy said...

Anonymous - Oh yes you read it..Kicked it away..

Kelvin Tan said...

Wow. You look exactly like a Korean in their costume.

snoopy said...

Kelvin Tan - yeah meh?? Koreans look tired and sleepy ka? hahahah!!

choulyin.tan said...

no shopping in Korea ah?? I was also just about to say you look like Korean in your first few pics lol and argh you went to Hawaii!!!!!!! huhu i want those beach hunks!!!

michellesnoopy said...

Choulyin - i bought kimchi only XD hawaii hunks got hawaii sexy beach ladies alr leh... i wan also cannot! XD