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Monday, December 23, 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii


My Hawaii trip was a very simple one. Dolphins, beaches and Hawaiian pizzas wasn't in the itinerary so what actually left to do was only snapping photos and......snapping more photos?? Most of my time spent on shopping and walking around the city. 

The thing I love most is the safety. When all the aunties and uncles were partying, eating, having fun during the dinner party, I felt bored and went out for a walk.....alone. Sibeh terror. As far as I'm concern, I would only worry about pick pockets. Alaaa..nothing serious lah tu ( compared to my Malaysia truly Asia, this is just a 'peanut' thing). Fresh air, nice views, clean city. The people are friendly too! And most of them are tanned! LOL I just don't know why I find it funny. It's so different watching tanned people on tv and in real person wtm....

On our first night upon arrival to Hawaii, we had dinner in Hard Rock Cafe, Honolulu. The decor was pretty impressive with loadsss and loadsss of different guitars hung across the restaurant. Then we visited the Kualoa Ranch, the movie locations for Jurassic Park,  saw a couple of Godzilla's footprints (HAHA!), Lost and more. Such a turn off to see the real setting when the movies showed a totally different effect of the scene (the reason why I fail to be a director or anything near to movie production, period). The settings in the movies are so darn awesome but the real place, urgh gawd, Can use my home's backyard loh.. The place is huge and there are a lot more activities you can have in Kualoa Ranch but since my tour guide didn't give us more time, we only could make a simple tour. 

Other than that, we had dinner on a cruise on one of the nights. Entertained by Hawaiian dances and a little culture lesson while eating and sipping wine - superb. We witnessed the sunset view too. It was simply pretty! And not to miss out the USS Arizona Memorial to get a look on the ship which sank in 1941. Very historical. Wasn't really impressed with the food that was prepared to us throughout the trip but I think if I had the chance to dig more oh Hawaii, I would definitely came back with a huge belly!!

I feel like there are things I haven't pen down but I can't remember what are they (Alzheimer attack... WTM) so I'll leave it here for now. :) Hang loose!!!!!!



Elwyn~! said...

still dunno what is WTM means

HenRy LeE said...

bojio! hahaha... WTM is watermelon lo! :P

michellesnoopy said...

Elwyn - hahaha..! no time for that writing XD

Henry Lee - LOL!! U always say bo joi one la...next year mau?