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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hawaii Shopping Haul


How can I miss any shopping hauls from my trip, right? Hahahaaa..! So I signed up for USA's Sephora membership card. Their promotions are definitely more attractive and they have little tiny gifts from time to time too. I'll be using it soon, hopefully :) 

Sephora - I bought a limited edition Little Love Potions, A Little Bit Bad Gal Mascara and They Are Real Mascara from Benefit, Sephora's Eyeshadow Mini Palette, Urban Decay's Primer, Stila's Liquid Eyeliner and Too Faced's Eye Shadow Palette which comes with an iPhone5/5s casing (super mad cute!). The price are definitely cheaper than Malaysia's Sephora (duhh) so I didn't mind grabbing what I want into my basket. The main point wasn't the price, it was the size. I don't put on make up a lot so getting myself a full make up product - from foundation to eye liner to blushes etc is just a waste of my moolah. So when I saw all these mini sizes of products, I just didn't hesitate to GET IT!

OPI/ China Glaze - I found this asian shop that sell manicure/pedicure products and their nail polishes were having a major sale!!! I have been wanting my own set of nail polish but the prices in Malaysia (even online) are super duper massively expensive!! Imagine in this shop each OPI only cost me RM18!! RM18!! RM18!!!! And China Glaze too! Each time I look at the photo I will say "Shyt, this is too little, I need moreeeee!!!!" Oh well.... Maybe next trip :)

Waikele Outlet - Shopped at Waikele's Bebe. And it only cost me $100 for all 5 items. Dirt cheap. Imagine shopping on Black Friday. Damn................. Went to COACH and MK as well but those are for souvenirs.

Last but not least, I shopped for snacks! Hawaii is well known for macadamia nuts so, how would I skip that? From macadamia chocolates to honey roasted nuts to dry roasted nuts. Phew.. too much to choose! Bought a couple of M&M's too. I think peanut butter and pretzel flavor is not available in Malaysia hence I grabbed a lot. Hahahah wtm... CIGARETTE IS NOT FOR ME.

And that is 90% of my shopping haul from Hawaii. Should have brought more dollars. Heh...



Anna said...

I'm loving Sephora too! :)

michellesnoopy said...

Anna - ikr! too many choices! :D