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Monday, December 16, 2013

BGR - Love and Dating

He did everything to impress her,
Good night calls,
Romantic dinners etc...

She fell for him,
Hoping that everything will be as sweet at it is,
Missing him everyday,
Imaginary butterflies around the head.......or tummy,

He and she started dating,

3 months later,
Everything is so blur..

Google "What is love" and you will find plenty of definitions and quotes and sayings about it but in the end, every single person would have his/her own definition of what love is.

Couples started dating - everything in the world is sweeter than candies. They will be smiling together and giggling alone when they are apart. The world turns like nobody's business and every moment is a fairytale. Fireworks sparking in the air and rainbows appearing everywhere! Ahh.. things they do when they are sweetly in love. Who doesn't love this stage?

Then without realizing it, the relationship tastes a little off from they way it was... Or should be. It tastes like..........lemon. Yes, it's called relationship turned sour. She begins to wonder what is wrong, he starts to think what will happen next. Arguments ignites every now and then. She is full with hatred, he is filled with anger. Both refuses to give in.

And eventually holding each other's hand never felt any bitter than ever. Ignoring phone calls, tears all over the pillow and initiating a war. A cold war. He and she are both getting tired day after day. Some didn't know what to do, some didn't want to confront the issue, some....too the easy way out.

But there are some who hold on to their lover's hand, holding it tight enough to never let them go. To give it another try, a chance, a new start. They learnt from mistakes, and try their best to never make the same offence. All of the sudden, the relationship is getting hotter than ever! Keeping the flame alive and long lasting. Promising one another the future plans and the next thousand years together.

the emo writer

And that is what love is to me.

P/S Just my own opinion.



Elwyn~! said...

awwww, such an emo post. I dunno if i could pen down mine ...

choulyin.tan said...

written beautifully :D hahaha I don't think I will be able to write something as nice as this

michellesnoopy said...

Elwyn - can la.. y not..

Choulyin - sure can la..u will get a lot of inspiration from the books you bought! :O