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Sunday, December 01, 2013

1Utama Wonder Food Adventure


On 16th November 2013, I joined the 1Utama Wonder Food adventure along with other 49 bloggers! 1Utama came up with the ONECARD Wonder Food Promotion and I guess loads of people had been participating in it. So this event's main agenda is to explore 1Utama's Food Street which offers a variety of local favourite delights! 

We bloggers were given the privilege to hop on and off the selected restaurants and try out their food (optional). Basically my task that day was to visit the compulsory restaurants highlighted in PINK on my given passport along with 10 other restaurants - which was optional. Oh! And the task was to be done in 5 hours (11am - 4pm)

The participating outlets for the Wonder Food Adventure are as below:-

1. SS2 Goreng Pisang
2. Ninja Joe
3. Seaweed Club
4. I Love Yoo
5. Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo
6. Oyster King
7. Bisou
8. Mr Cendol
9. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
10. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights

1. Lammeeya
2. BBQ Chicken
3. Food Box
4. Vivo American Pizza and Panini

Sooo excited to hop on restaurants! Yippie! *backpacking and pictures rolling*

Event card
Passport for the task

  • SS2 GORENG PISANG - If you want to go banana all day long, then this is the place for it! SS2 Goreng Pisang is all about bananas. From the very own signature pisang goreng to mashed banana balls to glutinous rice cake with yam and sweet potatoes! *phew* And it's not in SS2 but 1Utama instead. Check out their menu for more options! Who knows you will be reminded with minions with their banana menu. Haha!

  • OYSTER KING - Oyster! Oyster! Oyster! The tau keh neoh was very very very kind to introduce and serve us with their menu and food! She introduced her famous O-Chien (Fried Oyster), Deep Fried Oyster and also Garlic Oyster. I must say the attention given was to the O-Chien. Too bad we couldn't have a second plate! 

  • KO HYANG KOREAN COUNTRY DELIGHTS - Annyong! Ilbu hangug-eo ga? Eh? Hahaha! Korean food that I believe a is a very popular trend now, as people are buzzing a lot about K-pops and Korean dramas in the internet. So all the Korean food you want you can get it from Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights. I ordered KimChi Ki Gae set which comes with rice and side dishes. But don't stop there, you can always go for another dish. Korean food is not only about kimchichi after all, right?

  • I LOVE YOO! - An extremely familiar place to everyone (especially my mum) for their porridge and You Tiao aka Yau Char Kuai! I'm soooo used to this place as my mum would crave for this! Red Bean Soup, Tau Foo Far, Butterfly Bun, Soybean..... I think if you would like to have a simple and light breakfast then this is an awesome place to go. It doesn't stuff your tummy but then still have the satisfaction of dining. Urghh! You really would just say I Love Yoo!

  • EAT & HAPPY YONG TAU FOO - Another not-too-heavy-meal restaurant to dine in! I didn't get to eat this as my tummy gave red alert to stop eating for a minute. If I hadn't had too much earlier, I would go for some chilli and bitter gourd...maybe with some fried items and fish cakes too? I managed to snap some pictures of the restaurant and also the food they serve. Do try it out!

  • BISOU - Put your hands up high for desserts! After so many meals, it's dessert time! My eyes literally blink for twice. One for the decor and one for the cupcakes! They have very pretty cupcakes and looks so delicious too! Their signature cake is the Rainbow cake which is shown below. I didn't try it out (still stuffed) but I would love to someday. Very pretty...... Visit them quick!!

  • MR. CENDOL - Who doesn't know what cendol is?! This restaurants serves a variety of cendols from Cendol Cawan, Cendol Mangkuk, Cendol Pulut, Cencol Ais-Krim ( I would love ice cream on anything), Cendol Susu etc..!! Too much choices that you have to take a seat, and take a deep breath. Hahaha! But that's not it people, they serve food e.g. Rojak, Rojak Mee, Asam Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Rendang etc too! *breathe out*. Do give them a try. :)

  • SEAWEED CLUB - Definitely not a club but they serve tea and Seaweed Salad Popiah! The tau keh neoh (from Oyster King) came to us and greeted us again! So nice of her. We tried their teas including Japanese Genmai which is very good for digestion especially when you are stuffed with enormous food in a day! And their Seaweed Salad Popiah comes in Spicy, Tuna and Wasabi flavor. A very cozy place to enjoy a sip of tea and a little popiah to munch while hanging out. DId I mention the tea is very affordable? Hehe!

  • PAO XIANG BAK KUT TEH - Non Halal. Honestly, this place were hiding from me but I'm glad I found it. Pao Xiang's bak kut teh are cooked in thick herbal soup with traditional method where the pork is tied with cotton string to hold its shape and texture as well as to lock the intricate flavour while stewing. Some of the herbs are angelica ( promotes blood circulation, relieve pain, replenish blood etc), Szechuan lovage, citrus, cardamom, ginger, cloves, licorice and star anise. So much happening in a bowl! Go and give it a try! It was raining that hour, so I personally think it was a warm meal!

  • VIVO AMERICAN PIZZA AND PANINI - Well known for serving pizza but they have a wide variety of menus now! The interior is so clean and simple and feels cozy to sit in too. We tried their Smoked Chicken BBQ pizza, Baked Chicken Chop and Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream for dessert. The ambiance is pretty comforting for family and friends to hang out in Vivo American Pizza and Panini. 

  • BBQ Chicken - I didn't get the chance to dine in here due to the limited time but still have tiny weeny time to snap some pictures. Hehee.. The whole restaurant is so colorful that I keep staring at the interior for quite some time! Took a little time to process the decors.. Hahahaha.. The special feature about their chickens here is that they only use 100% trans fat free pure olive oil to fry their chickens! So it's really healthy and don't worry about the rest.

  • MOLTEN LAVA - Small shop lot but serves pretty awesome churros, macarons and funnel cakes! I love their chocolate filled churros and you guys should try them too! It's just in between Food Box and Shilin at Lower Ground floor. You can even watch how they made them on the spot too!

  • NINJA JOE - Non halal. Kicking the ninja spirit in Ninja Joe! My friend introduced me to Ninja Joe a couple of years ago and now they have expand their menu! From pork burger to bentos to the latest addition, Lamb Burger! I can't see why I can't dine here. XD The burgers can be ordered with set meal which includes drinks crinkle fried fries. And their portion are bigger too! Awesome ninja!

4pm was up and I didn't get to visit two restaurants. *sad mood on*

  • FOODBOX - This is something new. I've never seen this previously and I wanted to try it out. Maybe next time when I shop in 1Utama since I have RM50 in my ONECARD. Hahah!

  • LAMMEEYA - Non halal. I bet they serve pretty good noodles here.

13/15 restaurants...Not bad, right?

Then I registered as a ONECard member to redeem my RM50 voucher! :) A little story about ONECARD:-

It's a shopping privilege card where you get rewarded for spending in 1Utama. You will earn 1 UPoint for every RM1 spent at any ONECARD participating outlets. After that, will all the accumulative points, you can redeem cash to pay any purchases, meals services and/or even entertainments! In short it means MORE SHOPPING! Hahah!

But that's not all, the ONECARD can also be used to pay for you parking fees. This is to save a lot of your time queueing up at the pay station! And it helps to be environmental friendly too! Talking about killing two birds with one stone! Moreover, ONECARD members get to park at the members-only parking...at a cheaper parking rates! Who doesn't love that?!

So go sign up your ONECARD today! It's super easy and you get to choose from three different designs too. :)

This were in the goodie bag! Thanks to The Butterfly Project and 1Utama!
I got a Snoopy tattoo with the complimentary voucher! XD
Awww... Snowman pillow.

I had so much fun hopping on and off these restaurants. And tiring too! After all, 1Utama is "World's 4th Largest Mall"! Imagine walking from one end to the other. So many restaurants to explore around 1Utama, shops to walk in and on-going promotions and roadshows! My highest record of visiting 1Utama is 6 times a week. Hehee, break that record for me. Working in 1Utama doesn't count though!

If you can't catch up with their activities, don't fret. You can always browse their webpage for more events and informations! Feel free to click on the links below and check them out! It's year end already. Go shop!

And that ends my day for the event! Special thanks to 1Utama and The Butterfly Project for hosting and organizing this marvellous event!



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