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Sunday, November 10, 2013

myBurgerLab, Sea Park


Finally I gave myBurgerLab a try (since my housemate mentioned it was overrated haha!) and I definitely agree with her on that. Or probably I had the most basic meal on their menu, A+ Chicken meal set. I dislike onions, but it's not their fault as I didn't request to remove it. I don't find the charcoal bread extraordinary other than the colour o_O and the chicken is just........chicken.

But I love the shitake and enoki mushrooms. I didn't waste any bit of it! Plus the sauce! I'm not sure what the secret recipe is but it is one of a kind and I can be quite addictive to it. Mehehehee... WTM.. Roasted cherry tomatoes... Mmm always a fan of cherry tomatoes so, no complaints there. XD

Overall, it was okay. But the crowd is soooo packed and I guess it's a good sign for me as I'll definitely give it a second try. Probably would go for something different e.g. watermelon/lychee flavoured burger instead of the normal ones. Wish me luck!



Elwyn~! said...

yeah, next time find me if you wanna go back there. I wanna go for another round of waterballoon before the year ends. hehe

snoopy said...

Elwyn - let's see then!

Kelvin Tan said...

People say so-so still you wanna go. You no listen waaaan. -_-

snoopy said...

Kelvin - neh the Elwyn la say got voucher for myburgerlab but din bring pulak.. =___=

Vivian tan said...

yeah la, i said overrated, dont want believe me. now i say shit nice, u try eat see? hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa