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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'll Never Understand.

Credit to Rayban


Hahaha! I've never wore any spectacles ever in my life. I'm not short sighted or neither do I have any difficulties with my eyes. Basically, I have a very good vision. So I'll never understand how it feels like to put on specs walking around whole day or during reading or to look at something/someone from far. I do appreciate my eyes as the way they are but on the other hand, I kinda envy those who wears specs or even colourful contact lenses. There are a lot of  awesome looking spectacles! People keep saying putting on glasses are so annoying and not pretty at all. And I think that's why people prefer contact lenses nowadays.

I tried putting them on few years back, violet lenses. Those without any degrees but it was TIRING! It took me almost 15 mins on each eye and ended up looking like horrible with the colour (purple lens + red eyes = disaster). Then the trend of putting on lens-less glasses were so in I bought a few too. But didn't really put it on whole day cause my friends know I DON'T HAVE ANY EYESIGHT PROBLEMS. They would ask me to take it off as it looks silly for someone who doesn't have any problem with the eyes to "add a problem".

So, occasionally, to reduce my guilt of buying useless things, I put them on and snap some pictures. Heh! WTM.... Just for fun, to say. Boleh lah..



Anonymous said...

Your eyes are so beautiful!!!!!

snoopy said...

Anonymous - I have uneven eyes..How is that beautiful o_O

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell that they are uneven, as you put it. Nevertheless, whether they are uneven or not, they are absolutely stunning!!!! They are two beautiful jewels set in a magnificently beautiful face!!!
Oh sooooo beautiful!!!!!!

Elwyn~! said...

wow you got a major fan. huhuhu. and yeah you look better without. im sure your bf agrees

Vivian tan said...

u look like teacher eh!!

snoopy said...

Anonymous - Okay.. Thanks..

Elwyn - lol! no specs for life then..

V - fierce ah? ahaha

Xue Ren said...

looking good in purple specs!! :D

snoopy said...

Xue Ren - thanks :)