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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barged into d'italiane, Paradigm Mall

Taken from d'italiane's fb page


We were both pretty hungry that night and we were out of restaurants to pick (initial plan was Sushi Zanmai but the crowd was too much for my tummy to bear) so we literally barged into d'italiane. From the exterior, it seems a little overpriced. The interior was comforting enough though. So we picked our dishes enjoyed our meal.

I love the design on the tabletop paper (is it how it's called?). It's so pretty and just attractive to me. For drinks, the one of the left is Ciocchino Mint and on the left, Hot Chocolate. Ciocchino Mint is kinda addictive. It's sweet and minty at the same time so you kinda feel like sipping all the time. Hot Chocolate wasn't that hot (fine for me) and..........nothing much.

For food...! We ordered Chicken Marengo and i-can't-remember-the-name Lamb. I don't really fancy the sauce for the chicken but it tasted okay overall. But you can see, I tried googling the picture for lamb and I found a very very pretty picture of Chicken Marengo from d'italiane's fb page. The real thing is so much different. HAHA! What you see if definitely NOT what you get! WTM! XD

The lamb...Hmm... Well for sure it doesn't look inviting at all. However, it was very juicy and it wasn't extremely chewy at all. It's like pinching baby's face! Hahaha...! WTM.. Mad love for that. Oh.. I had it medium well too.When any lamb is too chewy, it just turns people off completely, agree? The herbs and olive oil is just so perfect together. Not to mention I like the sauce too. It's not a special sauce but dipping everything together just tasted pretty good in the mouth. The veggies were too crunchy though. I prefer it to be almost cooked.

I would definitely go back but not that often cause I can't afford this for every meal. So, maybe for special occasions? :)



Elwyn~! said...

hmmm, i still cannot understand what is WTM. can explain ar? i feel so lost

Anonymous said...

What The Mnuck

Mnuck is an hinglish word that is generally considered profane which, in its most literal meaning, refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, by extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled, or destroyed

It is used to express surprise and shock GENERALLY !!!

wtm !!! i forgot my homework-book at home

Anonymous said...

Hey Snoop!!!

Post something on Youtube or post a video on your blog so we can hear what Malaysian English sounds like. When you went to England did you have any trouble?

As you might say;
Mad love for ---!!!

snoopy said...

Elwyn - hehe! i'll explain that in a post..patience!

Anonymous - hahah! very creative but it's not Mnuck.. I'm too camera shy to post a video! X(

Yea i did have a little trouble back in England especially in Newcastle where the Geordie accent was so strong but you just have to adapt with it. Eventually I learn a little of their accent and survived the days :)

Anonymous said...

Camera shy??? Oh, come on.... Just a quick hello everyone.... SOme of you are curious as to my accent... To demonstrate I will use Shakespeare's Julius Caesar:

"Friends, Romans and countrymen...I come to bury Caesar... not to praise him..."

(Crowd explodes in hysterical applause!!!!! Starts chanting: SNOO--PY!!! SNOO--PY!!!!)

Come on!!!! PLEASE???!!!!