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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

White Heaven


I've recently moved to a new house, new room with new house mates. And I'm staying in a room without a roomie (sad but true). Not planning to move again at least for another year and a half? Too tiring to move almost 80% of the things ALONE and also, I've with Mr.A's sponsor too invested too much in this room. Of course I arrange everything myself too. I need the satisfaction of arranging my own room. All this while, I've never really got the chance to pick my own bed, choose my own sheets, assemble my own cupboard, did the measurements etc. It felt so great to finish everything my own. 

I tried to get everything in white - cupboard, table, bed due to the dark flooring but of course not everything. I can't afford to waste too much time searching white but whatever I have now will do. At least I'm happy with it. It's not exactly my dream room but still.. effort matters, right? Every now and then, when my butt gets itchy, it connects to my pair of hands to rearrange my things around my 13 tier cupboard. LOL! WTM...! 

That's all for now. Will be back with my Japan trip (when will it end, right? Geez). Sayonara!



Elwyn~! said...

move to another new place. no more with vivian ?

snoopy said...

Elwyn - no lu..she went back to kuching for good. but plans might change for her..hehe