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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ito Fruits Farm - Mt Omuro - Hakone Yunessun Hot Spring Theme Park


Chapter 2 is here! I don't remember when was the last post with such tremendous pictures. It's taking too much of my time editing and combining them. Emoji But here is my next adventure in Japan!

I am so excited about the outings especially the hot spring theme park! But first up, breakfast of course! I love the plate! They are just too cute with all the square spaces.. Next, we visited the fruit farm nearby our hotel. We went for the mandarin farm and were allowed to pick 5 mandarins. But I only pick 1 cause I'm not really a mandarin fan. :) Forgot to mention.....the sun was glowing!Emoji Wtm.. XD 

We were given a persimmon each too. Grandma had it in the hotel that night and she said it was sweet. I left mine untouched. Too tired, too stuffed for a tiny persimmon :( 

Took chairlift up to Mount Omuro Emoji - a volcano located in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka pref. It is about 580m tall and has a great view from the top of the mountain.You can see beautiful Mt. Fuji, Izu Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. Every once a year, the mountain is burnt down, called "Yamayaki".

Oh yes a very pretty and refreshing view. I didn't walk around the mountain like some of us did but this view is good enough for me. I tried the Wasabi ice cream they sold in their souvenir shop. I just can't accept wasabi as ice cream. No way..

You see that face? =___=

Lunch time! But didn't get to snap any pretty food. Just the desserts. Emoji

Last stop before dinner - Hakone Yunessun Hot Spring Theme Park! Emoji I didn't soak myself into the pools cause I have to be with my grandma but took loads of pictures for the aunties and uncles. LOL.. So funny seeing them pose and have fun in the pool.....in their swimsuits! XD

OMG I'm so tired editing the pictures, can I continue this next time? XD Wtm.... Be back soon! Sayonara!



HenRy LeE said...

Sake bathhhhhhh... can get drunk one or not? hahaha

snoopy said...

Henry - u can try la if u dare to drink... *puke*