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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hakone - Super Lutein Factory Visit - Gotemba Factory Outlet Mall


I'm too lazy to fit in all the pictures in for day 3 so, I just pick some of them. Before we came down from the hills, we stopped by a temple but we were given only 15mins to walk around. The temple was a uphill walk for 5mins and since my grandma couldn't walk up, we lepak around the kaki only.. The place was so clean and peaceful. 

The main destination that everyone was excited about was the Gotemba Factory Outlet. But probably it wasn't the first time I visit any outlets so I think the outlet was just okay. I actually Google it before I visited that place and I read quite a few reviews about the outlet. It is indeed a huge place, divided into East and West part and there are a lot of brands waiting for your visit. But I wasn't too much attracted to all of them e.g. shoe store, home decor stores etc. And the air is definitely refreshing. Even my grandma likes it there. :)

Then we stayed in Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel for 2 nights and it was A-MA-ZING. The room was super comfy and I love the toilet. Wtm.. XD

I'll be back for the rest of the trip. :) Sayonara!



Elwyn~! said...

yay yay .... got to see you in a pic ... very rare to see you in a pic .... :P

snoopy said...

Elwyn - got leh... my past 2 post also got ME inside.. haha!

Elwyn~! said...

yeah yeah i saw~! more pics please~!! And bila mau jumpa~!!!

snoopy said...

Elwyn - i'm free early nov! ajak sherry also..