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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cleaner at LCCT perhaps?


September is ending soon and I shall summarize it.

  • Parents are here from 23th - 25th September,
  • Sending parents to KLIA on 26th September,
  • Whole day work on 27th September + packing and clearing up my room
  • Move in new house on 28-29th September
  • Start packing for trip on 30th September!

I need BRANDS+Ginseng+Magic Pearl+ Whatever that gives me more energy! So before I proceed to my beauty sleep (and it's only 10:25pm), I'll sharing my pictures for the past few days.. Hehe!

To start the story, my parents arrived and told me they found a RM50 note while taking the escalator. My dad gave it to me (after demanding it) of course. LOL! Then I brought them to Paradigm Mall for shopping. They shopped for themselves and also for my little cousin. Heh.. I'll post her pictures next time.

Then my aunt was here at the same time so we went out together the next day. And then I found out that my cousin was just staying nearby so we picked him up for Japanese yesterday. Oh! We had durian feast for two nights in a row! #durianfreaks. XD

Visited a pet shop and say a baby beagle. Aww... And that was what I did to him when the note saying "Please do not put your hand into the cage" right at my face. #malaysiantrulydisobedient. XD And I just can't resist the awesomely colourful shoes we tried to buy for my baby cousin!!!!! Toooooo cute!!!!

Today, after I dropped my parents off to LCCT, my mum whatsapp-ed me this:-

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can I walk around LCCT every weekend as a part time 'MONEY PICKER'?????? Wtm! So lucky of them to collect money that easy! Gosh! Money sure don't fall from the sky but appears on the ground!!!! XD Siapa mau join?

And last but not least, me with my puffy eyes for lack of sleep!


Kharn Yee said...

Omgggg your parents are so lucky! I have never found more than 10 on floor!!

snoopy said...

Kharn Yee - yeah loh!! i wan to pick up some cash too!!! XD