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Monday, September 09, 2013

Blue Date


Don't really have time to write until today! Hopefully more free days to come then I'll have time to write more often. Urghh.. 

Anyway, last Sat and Sun was productive especially Sunday. Watched Riddick on Sat night in Tropicana City Mall. In rare occasions GSC Tropicana's tickets are slightly cheaper. Bought my first Moleskine organizer. And it's in the Peanuts limited edition organizer! Freakin' expensive. *the end* Need to save money for my trip next month! >.<

Bought a Snoopy bearbrick for Mr.A few months. But I decided to give it to him only yesterday. Hahah! 

Sunday - I went out with my college mate in Sunway. Biasa lah catch ups and updates. :)) Got some British pressie, saw some really weird dressed ladies around Sunway's convention centre on behalf of the food fair thingy. We had a shot of Instax and I love it cause I can't spot my braces! At least not that obvious. *wink* Then I went to Austin Chase to wait for Mr.A :)

This was taken this morning. :) Pretty sky but not a very good Monday. My car almost....ALMOST got clamped. Lucky I ran out in time. Kesian to all the cars...yellow is not really a good colour.

That's all for now. Coming long weekend! Yuhuu!



choulyin.tan said...

Lol I should also call Henry Mr. H next time lah :p

snoopy said...

Choulyin - seriously Mr.A is much better than his full name =___=

Merryn said...

Luckily you ran out in time or else it will be such a hassle to get the clamp out..

snoopy said...

Merryn - exactly! lucky me..!