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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Morning


Snaps from Sunday morning. #throwback. Lazy nak story many many, though I do have story to story you. =___________= wtm..

Heh.. I kena tipu to buy a minion cupcake from a little handsome boy. Wtm... Charmed by his youthful looks. =_______=



Kian Fai Koh said...

wah! sunday pagi pagi can do so many thing! u keng lo :P

Henry Tan said...

what is wtm? lol. anyway not considered kena tipu la.. he attracted you that's all. haha

snoopy said...

Kian Fai - ahhaah! went back home at noon and zzzz back loo

Henry Tan - wtm is what the melon..uhm.. it's like the normal wtf.. hahaha!

Kian Fai Koh said...

oohhh ic ic , I zzz whole day on last Sunday also V_V

Merryn said...

All these happened while I was still in bed. Zzzz...

snoopy said...

kian fai - good for you! haha

Merryn - I wish i can sleep for the whole morning too! X(

ლ 한효주ლ мïcнєℓℓєвεllε ώαταṉαвε said...

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snoopy said...

Michellebelle - thank you!