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Monday, August 12, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya, Ipoh!


This raya I went to Ipoh! Nyahahahaa! Selamat hari raya, people!!! Ipoh reminds me of my home. The air is fresh (at least fresher than KL) and it's not really a busy place there. I saw some pretty happening spots around and it's quite fascinating to see quite a lot of fancy restaurants. So I'd been to only a few places because most of the time I spent was sleeping and watching tv. Wtm..

So let's roll..


  1. Started off quite late and we had to take the emergency lane most of the time. The weather was lovely though.. :)
  2. It was more than 2 1/2 hours drive so we kinda wind down the window for ah girl to get some air. #likeaboss
  3. Then, she gave the can-i-have-some more-air look. Wtm.. 
  4. ohhhh i really miss the window...
  5. Me and super enjoying doggie behind. =___=
  6. After 3 hours plus - FINALLYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Ipoh mali! Ipoh mali!
  7. Went to Mc Cafe for supper after arriving at Ipoh. Didn't know they have not so bad desserts. Took a long time to pick mine. Wtm..
  8. Met a new friend, Golden. Poor thing had to stay home with the super down face cause he's not allowed to join. Nyahahahaha! Wtm..
  9. So I went to visit one of the temples in Ipoh.. Man, it was kinda tiring to walk up and down the temple. It's not big... Maybe it's my stamina problem. You know, princess don't get to walk that much one la.. Hahaha wtm.
  10. Some views around the temple that I snapped while the rest went to pay their respects to their ancestors.
  11. I don't know why but these stones seem so unreal to me.. Lol.. proly due to the effect of the picture.
  12. Then I managed to visit the famous restaurant - Big Big Tree Restaurant. People swarming around that place. Lots of food stalls. Took quite some time to decide what to eat again. Wtm.. 
  13. The big tree is indeed..... big. So nice sitting under the shade, enjoying the food. The tables and chairs and the landscape is a bit messy but such a timeless spot to visit. Pardon the quality of my panorama. Blame the cars, they were moving. Hahahaa..
  14. Tried the roasted pork... Pretty good but not enough.. :)
  15. Came back yesterday and went straight to 1U for dinner. Japanese ramen. Heehee..

That's all for now. Tataaaaa! Selamat Hari Raya again!


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