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Saturday, August 03, 2013



It's august already!! Yuuuhuuuu! Always love the months after July cause it means more holidays coming! XD

This is another update and just wanted to say.. Hari Raya holidays is coming to town real soon!!! Happy fasting to the muslims!!!! Can't wait for holidays!!


  1. Few of the many home cook dinners. It's always nice to cook at home. One of the things I won't get let go after working for a whole day. :)
  2. Iced Shakerato from Milk and Butter. Too sweet and nothing more to say. #disppointed.
  3. Hahahah! Gembira nya ayah aku during Facetime. My little cousin was the one who accidentally Facetim-ed me...
  4. Allowance from work. I need more of these please!
  5. My face during busy work. Heh.

That's all for now. Tata!



Henry Tan said...

lol! oh! now i know auggie is august. lol

Mr Lonely said...

i miss soup nowadays~

snoopy said...

Henry - LOL! yes XD auggie means august!

Mr Lonely - soup is the easiest dish to cook. :)