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Wednesday, July 03, 2013



So this is my first week working, no broken arms and legs so far, no clamped tyres *fingers crossed* pretty much a good start for week 1.

Of course there are a few downsides about my job lah..

  • NOT ENOUGH PARKING SPACE! And the "Clamping zone" signs are spotted every 20 metres! Urghh.. Literally it's easier to spot the sign than spotting human beings.
  • Going to work by 8am.. This 8 is definitely NOT ONG lohhhhhh..
  • I feel like working in UK. The weather is freaking cold! The only difference is there won't be any snow in my office. Meh..

I met my BOSS today and he is indeed a nice guy. Very fatherly character and humble yet professional. A bit not leng chai lah cause I keep focusing on his bald head. But acceptable... :)


  1. I nearly forgot my price tag on my new dress,
  2. I nearly forgot fell asleep surfing too much facebook in an air cond room,
  3. I nearly forgot about my watch I got from my brother last year! And I thought I don't have any watch. Meh..

That's all for now, tata!


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